Casual Game Play - PubG

PubG PC - After long time

Burning the Midnight oil with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Burning the Midnight oil with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Authentication Bypass - HardCoded Passwords for Windows Binaries

how to reverse engineer a exe file and read a hardcoded password

Hacking gmail by reading the passwords from the windows Binaries Memory

Showing a live demo using CheatEngine debugger and Firefox to compromise a gmail password.

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Super Logout

How do websites like Super Logout work?

Here comes rather a new but handy tool which allows you to one click log out from popular websites on the web. Many people have multiple GMail IDs, Facebook or Skype accounts, logging out all of them once is a pretty nice idea.

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A journey from a backlog ridden backbencher to the India’s 25 most influential startup CEO’s list

The word hack is the most dreaded thing today. You never want to be on the receiving end of it. My whole world revolves around it. I typically keep on researching on how cyber-attacks are done and how to defend it.

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Pen Testing Webinar

Pen Testing Webinar for North American SAAS product companies during COVID 19

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Two days Workshop on Information Security and its Challenges

Addressing the topic of Advanced & hybrid attacks in Cyber Security organized by Saveetha University

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