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A journey from a backlog ridden backbencher to the India’s 25 most influential startup CEO’s list

The word hack is the most dreaded thing today. You never want to be on the receiving end of it. My whole world revolves around it. I typically keep on researching on how cyber-attacks are done and how to defend it.

These days almost every day I encounter these situations, but it was not the case when I started taking interest in ethical hacking back in 2004.

I was a computer science engineering student. But after this engineering was my tool to get to the bottom of this. I was so curious that I just wanted the answers and guess what that didn’t stop till today. It opened Pandora’s box for me. I kept unravelling the deep secrets of how things were in the computer world. I was learning everything from the scratch gave a competitive edge in my profession and business. I am not trained by the finest of the universities but I have learnt from the necessities and curiosities. I have learnt from life.

Once I started understanding the cyber security there was no looking back. I was discovering the most incredible information every minute. This is how scientists learning the great universe must feel like. There is no end; it’s just amusement and lot of fun. You are in the awe of this world. I could spend days and months on computers without ever feeling fatigued and I continue to do so. In Army they teach you attack if you want to defend your systems from being hacked. There is always a war and you have to think from attacker’s point of view. I come from humble background. My family is extremely God fearing and honest. My family cherishes its ethics and values. It was extremely important to me to be able to sleep peacefully in the night doing what I do. I chose ethical hacking not only to build a business but to create a huge workforce for India who would defend our system in future. I myself have trained close to 60,000 students in cyber security; many of them are entrepreneurs today. To spread the awareness I curated a world records event where we recorded the longest and largest cyber security marathon with 9870 participants breaking Microsoft’s record of 5432. I am also the author of 13 cyber security courses online on different platforms. I am extremely proud of the efforts I have put in for creating cyber security awareness in the world.

My work is extremely challenging, almost everyday everything you know is proved obsolete, but I enjoy this the most as it keeps me on the edge to keep on learning in order to stay ahead in the game. I am not just a technical guy for whom it is just piece of code, I feel for the poor grandma who lost her fortune as a victim of a simple call made for her password. The ransomware attacks crushes all those people who has worked day and night to achieve what they loose in a day, and I urge everyone “let’s make the cyber world a secure place to live in”. There is too much at stake here. I have used media to create public awareness for credit card cloning, Wi-Fi war driving, RFID hacks, website database hacks and countless more. Without these efforts we have just created million doors without any locks.

Today I offer service for companies ranging from FORTUNE 500 to startups in order to build more secure digital environment. I have been spokesperson for cyber security for India at the international level for more than a decade now, speaking at ASSOCHAM and many such platforms. I am also the first Indian to become  a brand ambassador for cyber security in US. I will continue to defend our dignity and our lives in this digital world, it really is a binary outcome of either 0 to 1.

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