Training Cyber Crime & Defence Professionals

Cyber Security Consulting to GOI, Training Cyber Intelligence Departments, Training Corporate Cyber Security Trainers & Executives

Vinod has helped train government and corporate cyber security executives and guided them in the development of a robust and unique cyber security model that best fits their networks and systems. Notably, he has trained the Cyber Crime & Intelligence Departments of India, Dubai, and Maldives.

Cyber Security Consulting to GOI

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Training Cyber Intelligence Departments

Apart from training GOI’s Cyber Crime Department, Vinod has also trained the Cyber Intelligence Departments of India, Dubai, and Maldives. He has assisted the respective cyber intelligence departments to inculcate standard and best practices in cyber security, stay up-to-date on concurrent technologies employed by hackers, and take pre-emptive security measures against potential threats. He has also helped them identify the shortcomings in their cyber defence mechanisms and improve them.


Training Corporate Trainers & Executives

Vinod has trained corporate executives, in-house cyber security trainers and security analysts from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies - from training them to conduct penetration testing, identify minor and major bugs in their software systems to conducting hardcore security audits, developing integral cyber security practices, and multi-layered security solutions based on each of their requirements, Vinod has helped them to adapt a 360-degree attack resistant mechanism.

There is always a way when perseverance meets innovation

Innovation is a constructive change that happens with each new discovery. But cyber security requires constant innovation as it persistently evolves at an unprecedented scale. Know what makes cyber defence crucial for your business.


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