Vinod – As A Person, Inside Out

Vinod is a free spirit. He likes to explore the world outside as much as he loves exploring the cyber world. He is an extrovert who dares to experience the thrill of exploring the unknown – the kind of thrill that gives you goosebumps, makes your adrenaline rush and sends a cold twinge up through your spine. But that being said, Vinod also loves to take his time to appreciate nature for all its beauty, in the unending fields of green and winding sheets of snow, in the overwhelming blue of the sky and the silent breeze of the sea, and in the baring heat of the sun and the shimmering sight of the moon. Yes, he loves the adrenaline taking him over but also doesn’t forget to let loose the endorphins.

Bungee Jumping

2013 - Taking a deep breath, filling his lungs with fresh air, and preparing his mind for the thrilling ordeal, Vinod jumps into a valley of rainforests and rivers in Cairns, Australia.

Sky Diving

Vinod jumping from an airplane in the skies over North Wollongong, Australia, in 2014 as he makes a weird skydiving face due to the pressure from the fall - the fall doesn’t excite him as much as the thought of becoming one with the vast expanse of the sky or passing through an oddly shaped lump of a cloud.


Paramotoring in Chennai is another of Vinod’s newfound adventures in 2019. Latching his safety belt to the strap, Vinod gets ready to ascend over the city hailed as the Detroit of India. As he glides along the coast, the breath-taking view of the sea down below extending into the Bay of Bengal, the sun setting over the horizon, the city’s majestic skyline, and the cold sea breeze from the coast render him speechless.


Vinod derives his pleasure by trekking to remote places over the weekend, putting up a tent in the middle of nowhere, gathering wood, starting a fire, and gazing up at the starry night donning a deep hue of blue. Vinod has trekked through the dense deciduous forests of Doon Valley in Uttar Pradesh (2014). Exploring the Eastern Ghats stretching through Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, Vinod has trekked into the forests of Nagalapuram in the former and Venkatagiri in the latter (2016).


Hiking from the outskirts of cities to villages and then, gradually leaving civilization for the wild – Vinod takes long respites hiking into mountain and forest trails. In 2016, Vinod hiked through the snow-covered Kedarkantha mountain peak in the Himalayas. In 2019, when Vinod visited the U.S., he hiked along the Hooker Falls Trail in Dupont and the Asheville Trails of North Carolina. He also hiked through the gargantuan trees of the famous Yosemite National Park in California that year. These long and adventurous strolls into nature help Vinod recoil from his everyday routine, get a fresh start, and revitalize his soul.

Scuba Diving

Exploring the world underwater is yet another one of Vinod’s respites. Wearing his oxygen mask and scuba suit, Vinod dives into the sea off the shore of Maldives in 2014 to take a look at the enthralling life underwater – bright corals, turtles, fishes of all sizes, majestic rays and whatnot.

PlayStations & Arcades

Vinod loves gaming. Gaming was his favourite pass time activity as he grew up. He plays PC games, mobile games, and console games. He prefers massive multiplayer online role-playing games and plays at his home and gaming arcades. He is a hardcore gamer who loves Call of Duty and Halo. He has also become a fan of PUBG in recent years.

The Chef Who Experiments

Vinod helps his mother with cooking at home. At times, he likes to experiment with recipes and dishes, and gets his family to taste test the outcome of his culinary expeditions. To his surprise, some of the dishes that he prepares do come out very well.

A Huge Movie Buff

Vinod has a keen interest in movies and never fails to appreciate a good movie. He enjoys watching movies that go beyond the boundaries of filmmaking to challenge accepted norms, the conventional settings, and the stereotypes. In fact, his interest in movies made him the producer of a Tamil web series ‘HiTech Thirudargal’ for Amazon Prime.