Vinod’s Cybersecurity Conferences Are Coming to Your Homes, Offices, and Personal Spaces. Plug in the Cord, Connect to the Internet and Attend Vinod’s Conferences Online!

Want to attend Vinod’s on-site conferences but don’t find the time to travel to and fro to the venues? Don’t worry, because we’re bringing the conferences to you. You don’t have to be physically present but you can still attend Vinod’s conferences as they stream LIVE online. Vinod also conducts dedicated online conferences for scores of people from around the world who follow him online. These sessions are similar to the on-site sessions but have the added advantage of being personal and convenience as you watch it close up, on your screen, from where you are. Vinod also holds live chat sessions in these conferences where you can shoot him the questions that you need expert advice on.
  • Everything’s Within Your Reach – Whether it’s the live demonstrations on-screen or hands-on experiences that are a trademark of Vinod’s conferences, everything from the on-site sessions are well within your reach with just a click of a mouse.
  • Stay Where You Are! – Having trouble attending conferences? Or is it too far away for you to attend physically? Problem solved. You don’t have to move other than to find yourself a comfortable space where you are. Vinod’s online conferences just requires your mobile phone, laptop or your PC.
  • Stay Connected! – Conferences are a great way to connect with peers in the industry and Vinod’s online conferences do not compromise on this aspect, even online. Connect with people who’re interested in cybersecurity just like you, online!
  • Stay Personalized! – When you’re in a crowd, it’s all fun and good. But there are times when you just don’t want to give up your personal space though you want to stay connected. Sounds complicated right? But we’ve got just the thing that finds the middle ground between staying connected while not giving up on your personalization. Yes, you got that right.

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If you’re interested in cybersecurity, then the question you should ask yourself is, ‘Why shouldn’t I attend it?’ Vinod is one of the leading personalities in the industry making visible and quantifiable progress through his work.

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EHack, an International Record-Breaking Conference

The EHack Conference is a national and international record-breaker, which was organized by Vinod in July 2013. The conference was planned at SRM University which hosted one of Asia’s largest auditoriums, the T. P. Ganesan Auditorium, and originally set up for a gathering of 3000 members. It was to be a live hands-on event with demonstrations and speeches from notable information security personalities and industry leaders in cybersecurity coupled with a number of side-track events for entertainment. The event proved to be a turning point for Vinod, as it exceeded his expectations.

The event, which went on for over 24 hours between the 27th and 28th of July, 2013 attracted a crowd of over 9500 participants which included students, teachers, trainers, ethical hackers, cybersecurity professionals, employers and employees from Chennai’s thriving IT industry. EHack conducted information security workshops, and Capture the Flag competitions where opposing teams tried to attack and defend each other’s networks. The event was presided over by Vinod along with Mr. Karthikeyan, Founder of Zazvik Solutions, Mr. Santhosh Srinivasan, Director of Symantec, Dr. Prateep V. Philip IPS, the then ADGP of Tamil Nadu Crime Division, Mr. Patrick Martinent, an Expert Google Developer and other notable personalities.

EHack became an irreplaceable conference to Vinod as it fast-tracked infySEC’s growth and broke 13 different records for the ‘Largest and Longest Live Hands-on Information Security Awareness Marathon’ and found its place in the Tamil Nadu Book of Records, India Book of Records, and Asia Book of Records to name a few.



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