The Venues of Vinod’s Workshops

A Skill-Based Workshop for Everyone

We've got something for everyone in the store. Ehack, Hackintosh, Hackavatar, and Capture The Flag each cater to a different set of audiences from beginners to professionals. At Ehack, you learn about cybersecurity from the basics, while at a Capture The Flag event you get to compete against fellow cybersecurity professionals to improve your skills.
EHack is the first of the workshop series and a beginner level workshop that attracts everyone from students to professionals. Vinod’s award-winning EHack event at SRM College in Chennai in July 2013 attracted a crowd of over 9000 people. EHack is one of Vinod’s most exciting workshops that include live demonstrations and events for students. Ethical Hacking aspirants get to meet Vinod in person and receive guidance from scores of well-known professionals from the industry.

The Gist of Vinod’s Workshops

Vinod’s workshops are unique in that their level of engagement with the attendees is unlike in any other workshop. Regular brainstorming and quiz sessions, clear cut and intelligible visuals, elaborate elucidations, demo videos, live-demonstrations, and hands-on training are some of the characteristics of the workshop.
Key Aspects of the Workshop Series
  • Analysis of common threats and behavioural changes that can help prevent them.
  • Step by step demonstration of the many entry points and exit routes.
  • Cybersecurity 360°: Protecting information, identifying threats, patching bugs, eliminating entry points, responding to attacks, assessing impact, recovering data, and restructuring defences.
  • Live hands-on training sessions to get accustomed to the topics of discussion.
  • Guidance from Vinod Senthil.

How to Register?

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