Educating Through Experience

Vinod’s Educational Keynotes Inspire Students to Pursue Cybersecurity.

Keynotes That Imbue Life Lessons

The reason why Vinod’s audience are drawn towards him is not because of what he conveys, but because how he conveys them. He combines the use of sophisticated technology with common knowledge that is often overseen. He illustrious speeches are finetuned to suit his audience. Whether it is a gathering of students, teachers, trainers, professionals, or executives, he can adapt to each level of experience and expertise to deliver informative keynotes that hits home the importance of cybersecurity.

What sets his speeches apart from the crowd further is that he builds a genuine connection with his audience. He is your everyday guy, but he is also adept at donning different roles in his keynotes, the average college student, the colleague you work with, the knowledgeable trainer, but at the same time, he also represents the role of a mentor, a social worker, and the CEO of a successful cybersecurity company. This is the mixed charisma that presides over his keynotes, a sort of charisma that makes you an ardent listener and a curious child at the same time.

“Best part in one’s life is doing what people say you cannot do”.

The Venues of Vinod’s Workshops

“Technology is not a measure of security. With technology’s development making strides each year, security is everchanging and constantly evolving. True security is never standard as those standards are perpetually updated.”

Why Education Keynotes?

One Man Will Never Make an Army

As to the reason why Vinod delivers education keynotes, it’s quite simple. It’s to learn, to teach, and to learn while teaching. No matter how knowledgeable or skilled a person is, they cannot fend off a concentrated attack by hundreds of hackers initiated at the same time. One person can never make up for the skills and the minds of many working together.

Ever since he started down the path of teaching, educating, consulting, and developing cybersecurity, it has been Vinod’s dream to get more members onboard his ship. More hands on deck meant that one can rely on others to develop the space. It was the only way see significant changes in a short amount of time. To realize this dream, Vinod had to preserve, act, and educate. One way he could do that is through education keynotes.

Vinod’s education keynotes have the audience gain something more than knowledge – the passion to develop cybersecurity in emerging technologies.


Don’t Take His Word. Hear It from His Attendees.

“Many things that we though we knew were completely disproven after hearing what Vinod had to say about security. While fancy and high-end software and hardware equipment do play a role in tightening security around our systems and networks, what really matters is what we do and how we approach them”.
“It was a different kind of experience. Vinod explicitly and clearly puts in place what I thought of as something difficult and foreign to understand previously. What’s more, he makes it interesting. I look forward to attending more of his keynotes, seminars, and webinars.”
“I recently attended a live online keynote session by Vinod for my college tech fest. I have to say that I’ve begun to view things differently about my mobile and laptop after his speech. We pay little attention to things that matter the most and then wonder why we get hacked. This has inspired me to learn more about cybersecurity”.
What Attendees See

What Attendees See

Attendees of Vinod’s education keynotes get to see him break down everything from a simple attempt at hacking by a script kiddie to sophisticated hacking attempts by pro hackers.

What Attendees Get

What Attendees Get

Attendees get to experience Vinod’s journey through hacking, such as from the time when he knew nothing about hacking to becoming a famed bug bounty hunting and a renowned CEO.
What Attendees Feel

What Attendees Feel

Vinod has always been an outspoken and approachable personality, whose demeanor allows his audience to let loose their inhibitions. From the beginning to the end, Vinod keeps his audiences entranced, intrigued and absorbed in his speeches.


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