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Happy moment

A happy moment to welcome our client KONE ELEVATORS from their Finland global governance team

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Most Valuable CEO's In India 2019

A proud moment that has been identified and Listed as one of the "25 Most Valuable CEO's In India 2019" - Thank you Business Connect for identifying, recognizing, and acknowledging the little work 

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Did you know?

Artificial intelligence might one-day overtake Human Race 

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Lanka army officially welcomes Mr.vinod senthil

Lanka army officially welcomes Mr.Vinod Senthil - Founder of Infysec with Z Grade Security

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Signing up an strategic partnership with an international japanese MNC

Another feather on the cap moment... Signing up an strategic partnership with an international Japanese MNC

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Understanding AI driven app

An enterprise or startup which develops an AI-driven app to provide real-time solutions will need to collect and store labeled data for at least two years to achieve robustness in the algorithm - Explains Nithin Chelliya, a security analyst at InfySEC in a Times of India article on Uzhavan App, launched by Tamil Nadu agricultural ministry 

Fun at work

Fun is one way of effectively managing and improving employees emotions. It's also proven to improve teamwork, build trusting relationships and increase employee retention. 

Client's testimony

Watch our clients speak about how the services provided by InfySEC helped them protect their sensitive customer information, intellectual property and other business-critical information

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