Domain name Spoofing - IDN Homograph Attack

They say "Trust what you see not what you hear",

Never ever use a USB thumbdrive again !!!

Have you ever got a pen-drive from your friends or any one else, what do you do next ? just plugin , isnt it.

Domino's Pizza Hacked - 1 Million Credit Card Information Compromised

Domino's India has disclosed a data breach after a threat actor hacked their systems and sold their stolen data on a hacking forum.

How to track a mobile numbers location ?

Let us understand what are the methods often used by attackers to pin point your location while you are from a mobile device and you open a link sent to you as a whatsapp message ?

UAC Bypass using FODhelper.exe

Privilege Escalation on Windows 10 by bypassing UAC for FODhelper.exe

Delayed Disconnection Attack (in Tamil)

Delayed Disconnection Attack - Popular Social Engineering Attack Resurfaces especially to capitalize the panic created in the COVID wave

Ethical Hacker Vinod Senthil Story | Vinod Senthil | Story Of Vinod Senthil | Startup Business

To establish our own business is a very big task. But kicking off our own business is also testing our skill ,sometime interesting ,bringing value to our life, thrilling and dramatic.

Privilege Escalation on Windows 10 by bypassing UAC

Privilege Escalation on Windows 10 by bypassing UAC , what is UAC ?

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