3 Months Cyber-Security Makeover Training

APPLY HERE : https://crm.infysec.com/recruitment/r...


Internship duration: 3 Months

Instructor Led Training : 3 hours per day

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A journey from a backlog ridden backbencher to the India’s 25 most influential startup CEO’s list

The word hack is the most dreaded thing today. You never want to be on the receiving end of it. My whole world revolves around it. I typically keep on researching on how cyber-attacks are done and how to defend it.

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Pen Testing Webinar

Pen Testing Webinar for North American SAAS product companies during COVID 19

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Two days Workshop on Information Security and its Challenges

Addressing the topic of Advanced & hybrid attacks in Cyber Security organized by Saveetha University

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Chief Guest in velammal engineering college

Enlightening college students on International Conference about Artificial Intelligence, network security and data science

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Cyber Security Threats in Blockchain Technology !

Mr. Vinod Senthil demystify blockchain technology and cybersecurity threats and guided them on how to prevent the issues and challenges

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Awareness session

Organized an awareness program on cybersecurity and ethical hacking in SRM institute of science and technology

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First session of Women's Forum

Proud to be only male speaker in Economic Times Women's Forum, it is such an honor to be a part of these eminent dignitaries

I don't think women need empowerment, they already are empowered. All they need is care... they inspire me... In-fact They empower me !!!

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