How does Bitcoin Wallet Work ? (in Tamil)

How does Bitcoin wallet actually work ?

Crypto Exchange Wazirx suspected for potential Money Laundering

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Delayed Disconnection Attack (in Tamil)

Delayed Disconnection Attack - Popular Social Engineering Attack Resurfaces especially to capitalize the panic created in the COVID wave

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Did you know?

Artificial intelligence might one-day overtake Human Race 

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Understanding AI driven app

An enterprise or startup which develops an AI-driven app to provide real-time solutions will need to collect and store labeled data for at least two years to achieve robustness in the algorithm - Explains Nithin Chelliya, a security analyst at InfySEC in a Times of India article on Uzhavan App, launched by Tamil Nadu agricultural ministry 

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A gentle introduction to DeepPhishing

Nithin chelliya, one of the security analysts at InfySEC demystifying how attackers make use of AI to create next-gen fake news with the help of Deepfakes both on voice and video

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Cyber Security Domains in a Nutshell

Cybersecurity is the high technique of protecting computers, networks, and data. This image covers the overview of cybersecurity domains.

What to do to get into Cyber Security domain ?

I have been getting a lot of queries on why cyber security is tough, and what one should do to secure a place in this cyber security world. I have shared my thoughts. Please comment your opinions, will be happy to hear.

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